Wine Shop Story

Quality and Passion from 1922

Del Frate Wine Shop opens in Rome, in 1922, in the middle of Prati neighborhood, thanks to Umberto Del Frate.

The family-run shop, was born as “Wines and Oils” and by the years, it became the first one in the neighborhood and then on all the Roman territory.

After Umberto, the Wine Shop goes to his son Giorgio and his wife Elda, that in the mid 50s, following the liquoristic wave, starts to search the most precious and refined national and international labels, making the small family business a real Wine Shop. With Giorgio works also his son Fabio, whom succeeds to bring to Rome the most sought bottles of the moment and the big producers. It’s Fabio in 1994, that gives to the shop the current structure, reaching more than 1500 labels.

Then there is the need to combine the numerous selected wines to some good food. That’s why, in 2000, the Wine Bar opens, an intimate, welcoming and casual place where it is possible to try the wines for sales in combination with an elegant and seasonal cuisine.

Nowadays the Wine Shop has more than 3000 labels. At the store you can find Elda, her son Fabio and his wife Dina but also their son Enrico, the youngest of the family, whom grew up among the numerous precious bottles from the whole world like his father. In the kitchen you can find the Chef Fabrizio Del Frate, whom is obviously part of the family.